William C. Tripp Architect

Guggenheim Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland
Competition 2014

Designed to create powerful galleries within a fluid space connected to the city, the museum is organized around three curving white granite walls.

The "Arc of the City" relates to the architectural and cultural fabric of Helsinki. It is clad in bronze, contains the pragmatic activities of the museum, and is a place for artists to create or assemble large scale work.

The "Arc of the Sea" is made of glass. It allows passersby to see into the museum - and museum goers to see out - through carefully placed openings in the stone wall beyond. At night, the glass wall comes to life with an ethereal, moving light show displayed through a series of programmable LED lights.

The "Arc of the Earth" faces south, has a facade of hewn logs, and forms a sculpture court and outdoor gathering and performance space.

In museum galleries, the convex walls project each piece of artwork toward the viewer while the adjacent paintings recede. The room has no centerline or controlling geometry. The position and viewing of each painting creates its own center.