William C. Tripp Architect

Packer Residence

Scholls, Oregon

This house was built for a couple with grown children on a twenty acre site overlooking the Tualatin River valley, with sweeping views of the Cascade Mountains. In an attempt to forge a more significant relationship with the vast landscape beyond, the structural mullions of the north wall of the great room were placed so as to recall the experience of emerging from a forest of Douglas Fir into a clearing. Care was taken to keep the wall abstract, while still giving it a strong presence, to enhance the scale of the landscape beyond.

“The Packer house sensitively blends tradition and innovation, local and universal to create an architecture that, in ‘melting into the land’ gives unusual comfort and dignity to domestic life.”

Interior Designer: Craig Norman

Packer Residence and interview with William Tripp featured in the documentary film Coast Modern: http://coastmodernfilm.com