William C. Tripp Architect


Established in 1991, William C. Tripp, Architect is a small, multi-faceted design firm, working in a lively studio environment in Portland Oregon’s Pearl District. A collaborative, hands-on process extends from sketching to model-making to digital renderings and into working drawings.

We are dedicated to making beautiful, carefully crafted houses, churches, urban spaces, theater sets and memorials that embody the meaning of human experience.

Born on Cape Cod, William Tripp received his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon in 1978 and did graduate work at Princeton University. His research has been recognized with a Fulbright Award, the Ion Lewis Fellowship and a Van Evera Bailey Fellowship.

In addition to his professional practice, Bill teaches architectural design, theory and drawing at Portland State University and at the University of Oregon. He is a guest speaker on the work of Alvar Aalto; architectural drawing; and ritual space.

Current staff:

John Maternoski, project designer


William C. Tripp, Architect
222 NW 11th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97232

p: 503.228.8212

e: info@tripparch.com