William C. Tripp Architect

4:48 Psychosis

by Sarah Kane

defunkt theatre
Portland, Oregon

“Three large projections of a white flower appear on the white painted walls surrounding the audience and the performance space in the little Back Door Theater. With this ode to whiteness, director Grace Carter and set designer Bill Tripp ironically counterpoint the final moments of defunkt theatre’s gripping production of Sarah Kane’s ‘4.48 Psychosis,’ a darkly disturbing drama about depression and suicide.”
—Richard Wattenberg, The Oregonian

“Bill Tripp’s set explodes the Back Door Theater, chopping the audience into three wedges and splashing white paint up the walls, making the notoriously claustrophobic space feel open, if not quite airy... The effect is, like the work itself, at once lovely and terribly sad.”
—Ben Waterhouse, Willamette Week