William C. Tripp Architect

The Homecoming

by Harold Pinter

defunkt theatre
Portland, Oregon

"Special accolades should go to costumer Lori Sue Hoffman and scene designer Bill Tripp for creating a real sense of the 1960s North London world on the stage of the little Back Door Theatre. Tripp's set is especially impressive. Although the beige colored carpet seems too new and unworn for this set, the drab walls, the decayed molding, the crack in the arch separating front from back areas, the rickety doors and window, and the dreary, dowdy furniture all seem just right for this dark play."

-Richard Wattenberg, The Oregonian

"A shout-out to set designer Bill Tripp and the 21 people listed in the program as helping to build it: Surely the teeny-tiny Back Door Theatre, which is tucked behind a coffee shop on upper Hawthorne Boulevard, has rarely seen a more expansive stage. The family manse is rambling and dowdy and knocked out as wide and deep as it could be. Big play, big space. It's a proper homecoming."

-Bob Hicks, Oregon ArtsWatch